It all sounds good, so, how much?

First, I no longer do packages despite their popularity. Being like everyone else was never why I started doing this and seeing the overwhelming popularity of a few tiers on a rate sheet was a huge turn off. I realize that my ideal client is one of a kind and so is their love story so there’s no way I could squeeze them into a mold and I will not try to do that to you.

That said, I do like to make it easy to see exactly where your money is going and what you are paying for. It really breaks down to 2 categories (not counting travel from Tucson, AZ if applicable)


My “Talent Fee” is what allows me the time and creative space to put my best work in front of you and your guests. This is all done before your event gets here and lays the framework for success and allows me to tell your story through the soundtrack of your day. This is a flat fee of $3,300 regardless of the event size, length, location etc.

Other talent items include my skills as a well spoken and polished true Master of Ceremonies and Event Host as well as my abilities as a music mixologist, turntablist and music programmer. All of which I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours learning, practicing, perfecting and teaching.

In short, it covers the knowledge and expertise that I bring to the table which I have invested countless amounts of time and effort into.


The production fee is what covers all of the tangible elements that bring everything to fruition on event day from speakers, lighting, microphones, DJ booths, atmospheric effects, an assistant or 2, etc. This fee will vary since there are many configuration options possible.

The production element is usually broken into 2 portions. One that is absolutely necessary to perform the job, and then extras. This fee starts around $300 for very minimal production and can increase from there depending on your wants and needs.

This usually starts with a discussion of your visions and goals, figuring out how you want to feel, and the way you want your event to be remembered. My service proposal will have what I see as a great fit for your event but the final decision is yours to make.


If at any point in the qualification process I feel like I am not the perfect DJ for your event or for any reason I am unable to provide you with my best work, I promise to show you the courtesy and respect by letting you know so that you do no waste time energy or money for something that is not worthwhile

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If you are interested in learning more and want to consider me for your event hosting and entertainment needs, go to our contact page and fill out the quick form to see if we have your date available, My booking manager will respond as quick as she can.