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Miles' Club Themed Bar Mitzvah

Proposal presented by: DJ Thomas Dean | Elite Mobile Entertainment

Hi Danielle ,

It was such a pleasure chatting with you and learning more about you and your family! I am pretty selective about the clients I take on and after our talk it seems clear to me that my service style and process would be a good match for your specific needs and that an investment in each other would be worthwhile for all.

Below are the details of what I feel will allow me to provide you with nothing more or less than my best work, and create the best possible lifelong memories during this milestone in your life. Keep in mind that this is only a proposal of services and the production and enhancement portions can be scaled as needed.


I hope to hear from you soon!

Thomas Dean

Essential Services

This scope of services are at the core of what is necessary for me to provide my best work

Creative + Talent Components

Creative Component: I will invest as much time and energy as needed to give me full confidence that I am prepared and able to tell your story through specific transition methods and soundtrack planning for all of the individual events that make up your event. This includes an exclusive, deep dive into getting to know you as individuals and as a family, and how you want your event to be remembered by all. Talent Component: My skills as a Master of Ceremonies and Event Host as well as my abilities as a music mixologist, turntablist and music programmer. All of which I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours learning, practicing, perfecting and teaching. While this will be to your benefit during the entire process, it will be most visible to you during the event.

Basic Production Elements

Being that the Playground provides much of the essentials and production framework, this is minimal. We can add on sound gear for cocktail hour if needed. - Microphones (handheld/lav) for upstairs events - DJ hardware (turntables, mixer)

Additional Recommendations/Enhancements

I feel that these enhancements will exponentially increase the quality of your experience

Co2 Cannon

A handheld Co2 cannon for use during the event. I feel like 1 cannon will suffice but up to 3 are available for simultaneous use.

Cold Sparks

A pair of cold spark fountains (non-pyrotechnic) adds a ton of energy and excitement for our grand entrance, and certain key moments during the dancefloor experience

Astera Light Upgrade

These lights are used primarily in the professional video production industry and are really only seen in higher end private events. Very conducive to the modern club theme.

DJ Lessons for Miles!

Five, one hour, in home DJ lessons for Miles starting covering fundamental practices, music programming, mixing and live performance elements. He will be able to use these skills to play a quick set at his own party if desired. Lessons over Zoom are also possible but in person is more effective.


Estimated general process flow and deliverables/action items.

Estimated Timeline:

Ongoing through Summer of 2024.

Proposal Review + Acceptance
As soon as you are ready to secure your date
Service Procurement + Contract Execution
Within 24 business hours of proposal acceptance
Research and basic information gathering
Within 48 business hours of service procurement - ongoing
Music Foundation Meeting (inspiration & ideas)
60 days prior to event
Soundtrack Finalization (final touches to the musical timeline)
30 days prior to event
Other meetings and communication
as needed

Your Investment

Payment structure: - Retainer fee = 50% of Creative Talent Fee ($1,650) due at contract signing - 50% of balance due 60 days prior to event - Remaining balance due 30 days before event

Creative Service/Talent Fee
Basic Production Elements
Co2 Cannon
Cold Spark Fountains
Astera Lights for Dancefloor
DJ Lessons for Miles

Total: $4850

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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This proposal is valid for 14 days. Acceptance of this proposal does not guarantee availability of specific talent or services.