Pricing, explained . . .

What do we charge per hour?

We do not charge by the hour!! That wouldn’t be fair to either side of the deal and nearly impossible to measure.

If we only charge for time the day of the event, that means there is no value in the time spent planning and preparing, which is where success is built. Our fees are based more on talent, and less so on equipment or time. Simply put, we charge a fair price for the knowledge and expertise we bring to the table. It took tons of trial and error, successes and failures to get to where we are now. You are the beneficiary of countless hours of training, hundreds upon hundreds of events done before yours combined with our dedication to be the best we can possibly be.

We invest in training, education, development and so many other things because we refuse to provide anything less than the best possible product to our clients. So, if we make it look easy, it took alot of time and effort to be able to do so.

You aren’t paying for labor, you are paying for an experience. One that will be crafted by an EXPERT in the private event industry. An experience that will live forever as a core memory in your heart and soul. If you are reading this, you aren’t looking for a button pusher or an equipment operator, or a person to just show up make announcements. You are here because you, your event, and your loved ones deserve the best during one of life’s biggest moments.

To paraphrase the late Aldo Gucci: Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Why do so many Wedding DJ’s hide their pricing?

While we can’t speak for everyone, a very common reason is that Wedding DJ’s are afraid that leading with price or making it visible up front will scare away a bride to be or potential client. Many will want to know what pricing you got elsewhere, and then undercut the “competition” by coming in at a lower price to win your business. We feel that method of business creates a race to the bottom, and our goal is to be the best we can possibly be, not necessarily the lowest bidder.

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Still with us? Good.

For weddings and similar life events, our pricing currently starts at around $2,200 for reception services and $495 for ceremonies. The average client opts for our mid tiered package and usually invests anywhere from $2,900 – $3,500 dollars for ceremony and reception which is a minimal fee for the end result. For that you get a true professional by your side through the whole journey, and one that will have your best interests at heart during every phase of the process.

Corporate events start around $1,500

If you are interested in having us take care of your event hosting and entertainment needs, go to our contact page and fill out the quick form to see if we have your date available, We will respond as quick as we can.

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