My passion is people

Thomas Dean is the creative talent and driving force behind Elite Mobile Entertainment.

Built for the world of private events, he has a super rare combination of top tier skills as both a DJ and Master of Ceremonies which makes him a great fit for even the most demanding of events.

Thomas has attended and contributed to training classes, seminars, and collectives around the country sharing inspiration with some of the top professionals in the private event world such as other DJ’s & entertainers Brian B., Jason Jani, Joe Bunn, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fatman Scoop, DJ Scooter, DJ Digital Dave, Skratch Bastid, Nick Bike, DJ ADMC, DJ Spider, Buck Rodgers and more as well as planners Andrea Eppolito, Bob Conti, Paulina Corvi, Danielle Couick, Melissa Fancy, and many many others in various fields.

In his pre-entrepreneur life Thomas has a background in radio, communications and technology, as well as hospitality. He was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and aside from being a DJ he is also a dog lover and road trip fanatic! His favorite foods are tacos and chicken fried steak, and his favorite snack is a Dole Whip from Disneyland! Want to know more? Just ask!

Over the years Thomas has created and continues to refine a meticulous process that in short, involves getting to know his clients on a multitude of levels. We are not talking about “give us your favorite music” type questions and quite frankly, it isn’t for everyone. Some clients want to pick a DJ and answer minimal questions and have little communication prior to the event. While we respect everyone’s preferences, that just isn’t our style because it doesn’t lead us to our best work. Sure we provide beautiful lighting options and crisp clear sound, but those aren’t differentiating factors.

Investing this much time and creative energy into each and every event’s success means that we can’t take on the quantity of events that many other DJ’s can so while others may boast about doing a certain number of events in a given year, our approach forces us to cater to a smaller niche market and as a result we will sometimes turn down certain work opportunities if it’s not the ideal situation for all involved parties and the significant investment of resources that each will be required to make. Our commitment is to not be a good fit for most but instead to be a perfect fit for an exclusive few.

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