We entertain clients that seek an extraordinary experience and want their story told in a unique and fun manner.

This requires an investment on both ends. We invest the time, focus and energy during the creative process that allows us to tell your story as we see it. Our process is what sets us apart and it is where the bulk of your financial investment is allocated. It is what results in your wedding being 1 of 1. Because our process is very intense and involved, we can only take on 25 – 30 weddings per year. We believe firmly in quality over quantity.

So, what will it all cost? Since every event has unique dynamics such as guest count, location, visions etc. we can’t forecast the price of an event we know nothing about. What we can tell you is that the average client investment is anywhere between four and eight thousand dollars for most weddings.

There are 4 main factors that determine our fee:


Talent is the main component and covers 3 broad areas: creative focus & energy, which is by far the most valuable piece because it leads to how I will tell your story. There is also expert level guidance, and day of performance as a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies. Each of these plays a role that will impact the way you and your guests remember your big day..


Enhancements are production items that aren’t absolutely necessary but add awesomeness to the experience you and your guests are immersed in. Some examples include Co2 cannons, uplighitng, cold spark fountains, cloud effects for special dances, monogram projections, etc.


Production is what covers all of the equipment and that my team and I provide, set up, and take down that makes it possible to bring everything to fruition on event day. Examples are speakers, microphones, turn tables, DJ booths, lighting, transport vehicles etc. Our fee will vary based on event size, layout, location, and other tangible resources we provide.


Travel fees are usually charged when your event is outside of the greater Phoenix or Tucson area. There will be no markup on certain travel expenses like airfare, hotel rooms, meals, uber rides etc. while things like additional nights away from home will incur additional costs in most cases.


As a small business with a very limited number of events we accept each year we do not offer general discounts. We charge a fair fee for our best work, no more and no less. Occasionally we will provide a complimentary inclusion or perk for clients of some of our favorite creative partners.


“It starts with a discussion of your visions and goals, discovering how you want to feel, and the way you want your event to be remembered.

There has to be a connection. I have to feel like I am able to peel back the layers of what makes your love story unique and you have to believe in my ability to tell it as nobody else could through the soundtrack I provide.” – Thomas Dean

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