Secret things you had no idea your wedding DJ should be doing

Is your wedding DJ just a DJ?.

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Many years ago the wedding DJ was nothing more than a source for music when people couldn’t afford a live band. Oh how times have changed.

Keeps your reception flowing seamlessly

While your wedding planner or venue event manager may help you nail down initial details and a general day-of timeline, it is your Master of Ceremonies that coordinates all of the finer details such as what events will happen, in what order, and how each piece will be set up and transitions between such. Think of a wedding planner as a producer of a film . . . they help choose the location, the talent, the caterer and so on. Your Master of Ceremonies is like the Director. They are the ones in charge once it’s time for lights, camera, action.

Not all wedding DJ’s are created equally

Chances are you know who Kobe Bryant is. While most people can toss a basketball at a hoop, not many can do it like him. So just because two people can do¬†“the same thing” doesn’t mean that they get the same results. Agreed? How things are done matter just as much as what is being done. Is your wedding DJ a true professional Master of Ceremonies?

Puts wear and tear on thousands and thousands of dollars worth of their own equipment for your special day

I will leave out my opinions on this brand .vs that brand but regardless of the equipment your DJ brings, if it’s professional grade then chances are that they are bringing over $10k worth of hardware to your event.

Your DJ is usually the first one to show up and the last one to leave

All that gear we just talked about needs to be carefully transported, loaded in, set up and tested before your event gets under way which usually takes hours. Then after the last song is played and your guests are on their way home thinking about what a great time they just had, your DJ is taking everything down, gently packing it all away, and transporting it back home, By the time your DJ leaves the venue chances are that your wedding planner, photographer, cake maker, florist etc. have all been sound asleep for some time.

Meticulously plans the finer details of your day

There is no such thing as being over prepared, and a true professional will spend hours and hours experimenting with different ideas, playing out would be scenarios, communicating with you and your other vendors so that your event is tailored just right for you, your new spouse, and all of your closest friends and family. I average between 40 and 60 hours of planning and preparing for each wedding I perform at.

Covers up mistakes

Often without anyone noticing at all. If your caterer or kitchen is running late with the food, your DJ can switch up the music somewhat or even introduce a fun game or activity if your guests are becoming antsy or hangry. Nobody else can cover that up for you. Missing bouquets for the toss, cutlery for cake cutting, father of the bride going MIA right before the father daughter dance? All of those scenarios happen and could cause your event to spiral downward quickly but a good DJ/MC will be able to remedy those situations without skipping a beat.

Oh yeah, dancing

A wedding reception is often full of people spanning multiple generations, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This is NOT the ideal environment for a DJ. When we go to our favorite night clubs, we know what kind of music we are getting and those in attendance all have an interest in that type of music, so keeping a dance floor packed with 500 people in a night club is pretty easy. Try playing for a group of only about 50 people spanning from their early 20’s to their late 70’s in age. Keeping everyone entertained, engaged and excited takes real talent and skill.

These are just a few of the things that I have picked up along my journey. Thank’s for reading!

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