Tip: How To Choose a Mobile DJ for your event

Let’s be honest, even though your wedding day is all about you and your new husband or wife, the quality of that day and the memories that you and your guests take with you are in the hands of the DJ.
Did you chose your flower arrangement without looking at samples from your florist? Would you choose your cake maker or caterer without first doing a taste test? Or better yet, would you buy your dress or rent your tuxedo without trying them on? Of course not! Then why in the world would you chose a DJ without asking for an audition?
Any DJ that’s worth having will be willing to audition for you, show you their gear, and give you a sound sample. If they aren’t willing to do this, ask yourself, or better yet, ask them “why not“? Are they cutting corners on music or equipmemt? What else will they cut corners on? The DJ and their equipment will be the main sight and sound focal points of the evening and will be representing you on your big day. Wouldn’t it be nice to see and hear what they have to offer? What if that Tucson wedding DJ was great on the phone, nice in person, then when you walk into your wedding reception venue you see this . . . .


In today’s world, technology has made it easier than ever for joe blow to pose as a DJ. Music is readily available almost everywhere, and cheap sound systems are a dime a dozen. Because of this, hobbyists buy some equipment and have driven the average price of wedding dj services down like crazy but because they have invested a little time and money they call themselves DJ’s or Dee Jays (DJ stands for disk jockey guys, if the call themselves a Dee Jay, well that’s another rant for another day) when really, they are just a guy with a music library and a couple of lights and speakers. Last I checked, just because I can go to the store and buy some tools doesn’t mean I have the right to call myself a mechanic, no more than buying some pots and pans gives me the right to call myself a chef. Well guess what, that’s what many “DJ’s” are doing these days.

Cheaper isn’t always better!

If the success of your day means anything to you, you should want to interview and audition your DJ. This will go much further than looking at a picture library because even though I can show you a picture of a Rolls Royce doesn’t mean that I have one. A DJ is an entertainer, not just a person that shows up to manage a list of songs. That’s what an mp3 player is for. A meeting or consultation is ok, but an audition is better. See and hear what you are about to pay for before you make a decision. Ask the DJ what they will do to prepare for your event. Ask him what his plan is incase there is a power outage, or if his computer malfunctions, etc. You will be glad you did. for live events like yours, there are no do overs. Know what you’re getting, and hire someone that will represent you well.

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